We ENABLE players and teams TO Reach their FULL POTENTIAL to "Play BALL"

About BAT Zone

BAT Zone provides a safe and engaging environment at the BALL Training Facility for players ages 4-14 to learn the great sport of Baseball or Softball. We provide cage time and programs that are designed to help players focus on the specific skills and mechanics to "Play Ball." Our vision is to provide an environment that helps every player reach his or her full potential.

The space is optimal for Little Leagues, JBO, softball, and tournament teams to hit, field, pitch, etc. There are 4 retractable cages which open up to a large 40' x 60' cage area. There is also a boardroom area to hold meetings with parents, players, and your program. We are located at 8010 SW Nimbus Ave (End of Building #7) (map)

How To Reserve Cage Time

Book Cage Time

Pricing Details:
* Prime Jan - June ($50 per hour).
* Prime Aug - Dec ($50 per hour)

Note: Prime time includes time slots between 5PM-9PM Mon-Fri and 10AM-8PM Sat-Sun

All other non prime time slots are ($40 per hour) year round.

Once registered you will be able to reserve your time slots and pay online.

To register contact Shane Patrick at 971-258-4254 or email

Use the link below to reserve your cage time.

Cage Use Rules & Procedures

The cage is a shared space for multiple programs in our area, it is important that we all respect and care for it so we can all benefit from having such a great facility in our community.

General Rules:
* Put everything away when done
* No food or drinks other than
* Help us keep it clean
* Report any issue so we can
  resolve them to Shane Patrick
* Proof of Insurance and Waiver is
  Required to use the facility

Equipment in the Cage

Click the link below to see a list of all he equipment available for use in the cage.

While this equipment is available for everyone to use, please take good care of this equipment so we can continue to provide it.

Report any issues with equipment so we can keep everything in good working order.

Links to Beaverton Baseball

Click the link below to quickly access other Beaverton baseball and softball programs that feed the Beaverton Schools.