Cage Rules

* No outside food (ESPECIALLY SEEDS)
* WATER ONLY, no soft drinks or sports drinks allowed
* Equipment must be put away after your session:
    - Nets should be pulled back
    - Screens put against the main cage walls
    - Pitching mounds are leaning against the
      wall in the pitching area
    - All the balls are in the appropriate buckets
* We ask that people use the balls, tees, and other equipment
   that is available in the cage to avoid getting
   things mixed in. If you have specific equipment
   or gear that is not available feel free to bring it
   in but make sure to remove it to reduce confusion
   and lost/stolen items.
* If you are the last group, make sure all the doors are locked
* We all need to do our part to pick up trash and make sure the
   cage is kept clean
* Your time slot ends on the hour or half hour you've been
   assigned. It is important to respect the next groups time slot so
   please plan to finish your practice at least 5 minutes prior to
   your end time to allow players time to clean up the cage for the
   next group.

Note: If the cage is not ready for your group when you arrive or if you need to report maintenance related issues please contact Shane Patrick at 971-258-4254 so I can help resolve the issue.

Note: If the door lock is not responding, you can try to replace the batteries. There should be extra batteries in the fridge in the boardroom area. To replace the batteries, pull the sleeve off (slides upward) the padlock from the inside of the door. Pull out the battery sleeve and replace the batteries. Make sure the sleeve is seated back into position and replace the sleeve. The door should now lock. If this still doesn’t work contact Shane Patrick at 971-258-4254 or