Reservation Details

During the primary months of the Little League Season (Jan-April) Beaverton Aloha Little League will have first rights to reserve cage time. The schedule will be locked down until 1 week before each of these months for reservations. Once the schedule is open you will be able to book your time slots.

Steps to reserve time:
1. View Cage Time for open slots
2. Double click on the slot of your choice to reserve time. You will
    need to register your Team/Program and submit your Waiver and
    Proof submit your Waiver/Proof of Insurance during your
    first reservation
3. If you are not affiliated with BALL you will be billed the rates
    based on the season and times selected. You can pay online
    during your reservation using a credit card or by check payable to
    BAT Zone LLC and sending it to PO Box 2135, Beaverton OR 97075

    Pricing Details:
     * Prime Jan - June ($50 per hour)
     * Prime Aug - Dec ($40 per hour)

    Note: Prime time includes time slots between 5PM-9PM Mon-Fri
    and 10AM-8PM Sat-Sun. All other non prime time slots are
    ($35 per hour) year round.
4. Arrive during your assigned time slot and follow the cage rules
5. The code to the door will be sent to you when you register